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    Asbestos Cloth Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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    AHMEDABAD - 382350 ,INDIA
    Contact Person: MR. HARESH PANDYA
    Tel No. 0 - 9712579456
    Mfg. In Fire Blanket, Fiber Cloth, Asbestos Cloth, Ceramic Cloth, Tap. Yan And Other Fire & Safety Products. ...More

    AHMEDABAD - 382170 ,INDIA
    Contact Person: MR. V. N. PANDYA
    Tel No. 2717 - 273003
    Asbestos and Non- Asbestos Packing & Textile Products, Ropes, Cloth, Tape, Gland Pkg. Hand Gloves, Blankets, Flexible Graphite Sheets, Rings, Tape, Gland Packings ...More

    AHMEDABAD - 382170 ,INDIA
    Contact Person:
    Tel No. 79 - 282292 / 26629928
    Mfg Of. Captain Brand Asbestos Mantle Yarn, Yarn (Metallic & Non Metallic) Cloth, Listing Tape, Webbing Tape, Ropes, Fire Blankets, & Hand Gloves ...More

    VADODARA - 390004 ,INDIA
    Contact Person: MR. KARIKRAO CHAVAN
    Tel No. 265 - 2228865
    Oil Mill Machineries, Conveyors, Elevators ...More

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